10th International Symposium on
Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy


Location and climate

Galicia is a region of Spain located to the north-west of imagenthe Iberian Peninsula (North of Portugal), see the picture on the right. The climate is mild Atlantic, with well-separated four seasons, with rainy autumn and winter, and not too hot summer (it is not usual to be above 30 °C). All that thanks to the Gulf Stream which warms the coast and makes our climate much mild than New York’s, located at the same latitude.

Galicia is a hilly granitic region although the maximum imagenheight is about 1200 m. The profile of the north coast, called “Rias Altas”, is abrupt, while to the south coast, called “Rias Baixas” , imagenhas smooth profile, plenty of small beaches of fine white granitic sand. The coastline is very tortuous: more than 1000 km of coastline in almost 300 km linear distance…. A tortuosity factor of 4!!!.


Some History and Culture

imagenThe original Celtic population in Galicia was Romanised between the centuries I and III AD, when it became the Roman province called Gallaecia. Later, the Germaic people called Suevi established their kingdom in the early V century. That kingdom lasted for about two centuries, until a little before the arrival of the Arabians, which established kingdoms and caliphates over the Spanish territory for eight centuries, but never settled in Galicia.


imagenThat particular History explains why Galicia has a culture that is both unique and distinct from that of the rest of Spain. The core of this difference is centred upon Galicia’s perceived identity as a “Celtic”, rather than a “Latino” or “Hispanic”, sub nation. Interesting additional information is available here: www.galiciaguide.com

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